At Visual Voice Media it is our goal to provide a voice for every person, company, group, artist and organization that we work with. We are passionate storytellers that are dedicated to creating and sharing your voice. We are Visual Voice Media and this is our Voice. 


Founder, cinematographer, & editor  

Michael Gonzalez is passionate about sharing people's stories and voices in a creative and dynamic manner. Michael has been making films since he was a child and his passion for storytelling has only grown. After graduating from SMU with a degree in Film and Media Arts, Michael set out to use his creativity to create high quality films and media. Whether he is filming and editing a wedding, corporate event or promotional video, the goal is the same: tell stories, create beautiful things, and let their voice be heard. 




Cinematographer & Producer

Ryan Reed is a cinematographer, photographer and screenwriter born and raised in Dallas, Texas. From a very young age he had an obsession with cinema. This meant he spent most of his childhood with a camera in his hands. He continued to learn and grow as an artist at Southern Methodist University where he majored in Film and Media Arts. With his deep love of cinema and the camera Ryan looks to bring a unique voice to every project he is apart of. 





cinematographer & Editor 

Riley Flores  a Filmmaker and student from Texas who loves adventure, travel, and technology. Riley has been making home movies since he was a young boy and his love for film has continued to grow. Riley is good at making sure all the boxes are checked and that everything will run as smooth as possible. Riley is key to bringing visions to life with his creative ideas and solutions. If there is a problem Riley always has a solution.