Treasured Vessels Foundation

The mission of Treasured Vessels is to build residential treatment facilities for underage girls rescued from sex trafficking. Sex trafficking is the fastest growing industry in the USA. Texas is a hub with Dallas and Houston being among the most actively involved cities. On any given night, 400 under-aged girls will be sold for sex in Dallas. Their age ranges from 11 to 13 when they are stolen or coerced into “The Life”. They are subjected to a programmed degradation of mind, body, and spirit until they willingly obey. Once trapped in “The Life”, their life expectancy is 11 years.   If lucky enough to be rescued, they will need 18 to 36 months of residential treatment. But for most…. there is nowhere to go…. except back to “The Life”.

Treasured Vessels will change this, and Alicia Bush is leading the effort. This is Treasured Vessels Foundation and this is their Voice.

Tap Water Watch

Tap Water Watch is a new company based in Dallas Texas that gives the public the opportunity to find out what exactly is in their drink water. This is something that is especially need in todays as our water sources become polluted and over used. Their goal is to give households the ability to test their drinking water and monitor changes. This is Tap Water Watch and this is their Voice.

Reimagine Crowdus

This September Crowdus Street in Deep Ellum transformed into a pedestrian street with concerts, performances, activities and more! Deep Ellum lacks a public space. A gathering area is a necessary addition as the neighborhood continues to grow. The long-term vision is to turn this experiment into a reality. That means a gathering space in Deep Ellum, more opportunities for events outside, and increased walkability. Ultimately, it’s more fun for visitors and residents, not to mention more traffic for businesses! The observations and feedback from Reimagine Crowdus will become a case study and could eventually inform a proposal to the City of Dallas for a future more permanent transformation. This is Deep Ellum and this is their voice!

Everyone's DayHab

Everyone's Day Hab is a place established for adults with mental disabilities to come and learn, grow, and interact with the community. It is a place for everyone with a voice that needs to be heard. Places like Everyone's Day Hab are in high demand and their is an ever growing need for quality care and facilities. It was an amazing experience spending the day with everyone and capturing the joy and personalty that Everyone's Day Hab projects. We hope to share their voice and bring attention to this growing need in our world. This is Everyone's Day Hab and this is their voice.

Drag Star Divas for Orlando

We had the privilege of teaming up with Drag Star Divas for this amazing event! It was an honor to see so many people from all walks of life come together to support each other and the victims of the horrific Orlando shooting that happened in June. This is Drag Star Divas for Orlando and this is their Voice. 

Nightfever Dallas

It was a humbling experience being a part of the Nightfever event hosted in Dallas. The concept is simple, an open church with a special atmosphere of music, prayer and candlelight. At a time when the church is usually closed, members of the church go out into the streets and invite people to come in and pray, light a candle and experience the love of Christ. With a beautiful atmosphere and genuine people, filming this event was truly an honor. Thank you Nightfever, Cathedral Santuario de Guadalupe and all those involved in allowing us to be a part of this wonderful event. This is Nightfever Dallas and this is their voice. 

Mayra + Michael

This wedding was especially close to our heart because one of our own got married. The Visual Voice Media team had the pleasure of filming Michael and Mayra on their big day. We where thrilled with what we captured and how the entire wedding day turned out.  You could feel every bit of love and happiness that was present during this wonderful time. This is Michael and Mayra and this is their Voice.