Treasured Vessels Foundation

The mission of Treasured Vessels is to build residential treatment facilities for underage girls rescued from sex trafficking. Sex trafficking is the fastest growing industry in the USA. Texas is a hub with Dallas and Houston being among the most actively involved cities. On any given night, 400 under-aged girls will be sold for sex in Dallas. Their age ranges from 11 to 13 when they are stolen or coerced into “The Life”. They are subjected to a programmed degradation of mind, body, and spirit until they willingly obey. Once trapped in “The Life”, their life expectancy is 11 years.   If lucky enough to be rescued, they will need 18 to 36 months of residential treatment. But for most…. there is nowhere to go…. except back to “The Life”.

Treasured Vessels will change this, and Alicia Bush is leading the effort. This is Treasured Vessels Foundation and this is their Voice.