Live event coverage


Why choose us

You spend months planing for an event. Every detail is carefully crafted and curated to make your brand stand out and look its best. Don’t you think that you deserve a media team that does exactly the same? Weather you need a recap video that shows people how awesome your event was and makes them feel like they where there, or you need photography that captures the emotions and atmosphere of your event in a single frame, Visual Voice Media is here to provide these services and more.

Our Experiences

With several years in the industry we have covered countless events all across Texas. If you are looking for a team to cover your event all day or just an individual for a few hours we have the people, knowledge, and experience to produce the content that helps market your event and the experience.

Our work

Here are a few examples of some of our work we have done in past.



Four hours of event coverage: One photographer and two videographers, final edit of the video and photos- $4000

Four hours of event coverage video only: Two to three videographers and cameras, final edit of the video- $3000

Four hours of event coverage photo only: Two photographers, final edit of photos: $1500

All day event coverage ( up to 8hrs) : Two photographers, three videographers, final edit of video and photos: $8500

We know how important live events are for people, businesses, and brands. With the proper exposure and marketing and the use of video and photo to do so we know we can help take you to the next level by using our videos and photos to help people relive your event and to show everyone else just what they missed out on.